Barbara Hershey, Contender

By | Begun 09/20/2004
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Barbara Hershey in Hannah and Her Sisters  Barbara Hershey in Beaches

She’s a 3Roller, but the glorious third Role is ineligible (rats!). Still looking… (btw, she was superb in Black Swan ~ if you can give it a second look ;), pay special attention.)

Barbara Hershey’s Qualifying Roles

Hillary Whitney Essex, Beaches

Honorable Mention

Candy Morrison - A Killing in a Small TownAs Candy Morrision in the fact-based, small-screen production A Killing in a Small Town. Co-starring Brian Dennehy and directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal, this a major Qualifying Role for Hershey, but can’t count because it was made for TV (I’ll consider a compelling exception for an HBO/Showtime/etc. film, but pure TV’s outside scope). It makes the rounds periodically – if you get a chance to see it, don’t miss it. (It’s also now available on DVD; sometimes appearing under the title Evidence of Love.)

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