Looks like it'd be exciting, doesn't it?Photo: Universal Pictures
2 StarsWhy I Saw It: Adore a good cyberthriller, and excited to see people from several of my major favorites gathered in one spot, with the bonus of Ritchie Coster, who can go from sweet to sadistic in sixty seconds.
What I Thought: When Michael Mann is good, he is very, very good – but when he’s bad, he’s horrid! At about 35 minutes too long, the engaging story and wonderfully atmospheric score by Atticus Ross and Harry Gregson-Williams turned hypnotic and ponderous, and the whole thing collapsed under it own weight (or perhaps the weight of Michael Mann’s ego). Even looking at the picture above you can see how the two-dimensionality robs it of its vigor; style squashed substance like a bug. I’ve just gone ahead and linked everyone’s names below to make it easier for you to find better options elsewhere… (and I guess as rather an alibi – this one was not their fault, they all delivered). Looking forward to more from Wei Tang.

Blackhat. Dir. Michael Mann. Perf. Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, John Ortiz, Wei Tang, Leehom Wang, Holt McCallany, Ritchie Coster, Yorick van Wageningen, William Mapother. Universal Pictures, 2014.

A convict is furloughed in service of the international effort to nab a blackhat hacker who’s using his code to commit cyberterrorism.

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