Choose Your Halloween Movies by Sun Sign

By | Begun 10/24/2009
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Here’s an extremely cool way to enjoy your favorite Halloween flicks ~ and face your own dark side in the process. Now that’s truly scary…

Introducing the The Wheel of Misfortune: The Zodiac of Horror, brought to us by astrologer Austin Coppock:

Instead of dispensing mercy, this wheel is but the gear of an infinite and cruel machine, grinding our dreams to a dust, the kind a maniac god snorts to forget the pain. This is the zodiac of the horror story, where the inspiring tales of myth become twisted into the sickening stories of nightmare.

Are you Aries? Look out for premature powers run amok (Firestarter). Gemini? Beware the evil twin (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde). Libra? Hell hath no fury… (Kill Bill). And Scorpio? Vampires, of course (Interview with the Vampire).

It gives me chills as Coppock pegs how our dark sides tick. No wonder these tales speak to our psyches and rattle us so!

Too much fun. Check out his full article and suggested titles – I feel a film festival coming on…

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