Christopher Guest, 5Roller

By | Begun 09/29/2004
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Christopher Guest

Christopher Guest in This Is Spinal Tap Christopher Guest in The Princess Bride Christopher Guest in A Few Good Men Christopher Guest in Waiting for Guffman Christopher Guest in Best in Show

This guy hits my funny bone like none since Peter Sellers. ‘Nuff said. His performance in A Few Good Men was one of the early discoveries once I started pointedly keeping my eyes open for Qualifying Roles. That was an exciting moment, to see the hypothesis becoming theory!

Christopher Guest’s Qualifying Roles

Nigel Tufnel
This Is Spinal Tap

Count Tyrone Rugen
The Princess Bride

Cmdr. Doctor Stone
A Few Good Men

Corky St. Clair
Waiting for Guffman

Harlan Pepper
Best in Show

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