Cliff Curtis, Established 3Roller

By | Begun 04/27/2007
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Cliff Curtis in Whale Rider  Cliff Curtis in The Majestic  Cliff Curtis in Training Day

Curtis is one of the most astonishing 3Rollers out there, flying under too many casting directors’ radar. (Dear agent, please step it up! Thanks!) He’s one of only three people who absolutely blindsided me ~ was impressed with him in Whale Rider, looked him up, saw Training Day ~ wait, what? Who? ‘Bout fell out of my chair.

Cliff Curtis’ Qualifying Roles

The Evil But Handsome Prince Khalid, The Majestic

Smiley, Training Day
Contains a plot-RUINING spoiler!
NSFW: R for Language

Arguably one of the greatest Qualifying Role performances of all time.

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