Contact Lisa Elin

Contact Lisa Elin
My neighborhood in the Galleria area of Houston TX

I love hearing from you!

If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas for collaboration, or an expanded entry request, please do fire away. This form goes directly to my own inbox and I’ll respond straightaway.

Send Me Snail Mail (if you must):

Lisa Elin / Reel Happiness
3375 Westpark, #105
Houston TX 77005

(Note: I have a phone number, of course, but don’t post it here because second only to snail mail, a phone call is the least efficient method for reaching me. Because of my health condition I can keep some very odd hours, and may sometimes be unable to return a call for several days. However, I can almost always respond to an email message within 24 hours, and am very happy to schedule a phone call for speaking in real time.)