How to Use Your Moviewatching to Help Knock Out Malaria

By | Begun 04/20/2009
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Some years ago a friend turned me onto an article by then-Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly entitled Nothing But Nets. She had recommended it to me as a superb piece of writing, which it was ~ but more to the point, I came away inspired to help wipe out malaria and amazed at how comparatively easily it can be done.

Take a moment to read Nothing But Nets now ~ in three minutes you’ll be fully informed on the issue and see why everyone’s abuzz.




Back? Great.

As of the around that same time, Bill and Melinda gates (via their charitable foundation) had covered an area the size of Namibia and are going strong.

And now enter Ashton Kutcher. Unless you’ve been utterly incommunicado with the outside world this past week, you know that he won his “CNN Twitter Smackdown” upon winning the race to 1,000,000 followers.

To celebrate, Ashton is donating 10,000 nets via Malaria No More to support World Malaria Day this Saturday. Joining him are Demi Moore (aka @mrskutcher) with a 20,000-net donation, and their buddy Oprah (now on Twitter herself as of this past Friday), also with 20,000 nets.

So here’s my take on Rick Reilly’s Nothing But Nets, movie-style:  

Nets: Wimbledon … Bend It Like Beckham … Forrest Gump … Hoosiers … The Royal Tennenbaums … Bull Durham … The Perfect Storm … Hoop Dreams … Kicking & Screaming … The Mighty Ducks … Pleasantville … The Witches of Eastwick … Soccer Dog … Major League … Just Between Friends … In Good Company … Planet of the Apes … Happy Gilmore … The Basketball Diaries … Love & Basketball … The Natural … Air Bud … Mystery, Alaska … Match Point … Touch and Go … The Squid and the Whale … Stealing Harvard … Miracle … The Rundown.  

Ashton: Five Killers … Personal Effects … Spread … What Happens in Vegas … The Guardian … Bobby … A Lot Like Love … Guess Who … The Butterfly Effect … My Boss’s Daughter … Just Married (my personal favorite) … Texas Rangers … Dude, Where’s My Car? … Reindeer Games … Down to You … Coming Soon.  

Demi: G.I. Jane … A Few Good Men … Ghost … Oh good grief, you get the point.

Pick six titles you like, or six people you like who appeared in the above list, and then donate five bucks in honor of each one.

Boom.  You’ve just protected twelve people for four years.

Immediate, effective, and recession-friendly. Now that’s something to help you forget about the 401(k) for a while and get a good night’s sleep!

= Click Here to Getta Net! =  

(PS ~ Ten bucks puts a net over one bed; if thirty’s too steep, just give as you can!)


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