Jillian Armenante, On the Roller Watch

By | Begun 03/11/2006
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During a project in which I simply had to have some background noise, I ended up hooked on Judging Amy. I’d watched it a few times on regular network, but didn’t like it. This time around, I was fortunate enough to tune in on the seasons during which Donna and Vincent – played by Jillian Armenante and Dan Futterman, respectively – fall by circumstance into an enduring friendship. I was hooked, and when Futterman left the show (to focus full-time, perhaps, on Capote?), the show lost most of its appeal.

Armenante is completely 3-dimensional as Donna, fully bringing her backstory to life, even though one must watch over time to catch it all. And during the episode in which Donna marries… I spotted it. For five seconds, there was a completely different look in her eye, and I knew it: Jillian Armenante is a 3Roller.

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