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Jodie Foster has always dominated my affections: she has great integrity, a discriminating sense regarding projects, and a real sense of class. I like that. Not to mention she’s way smart.

She shot to the top of the My Gals list when I learned how she decided to play Sarah Tobias (The Accused), and remained there for quite some time. Years. More than a decade, actually. There she stayed, apparently insurmountable…

Until Hannibal. I only know what I read, but what I read is that she balked at the ending and thus refused to reprise Starling. That she felt it wasn’t believable.

Um…what?? Had she read the source material? I’m thinking not.

So let’s say that they were going to be brave ones and give us the real Hannibal. I expected Foster to have the chops to deliver that, and I was really looking forward to it (Ryan would have had them were she a person of a more fortitude, and that would have been great to see).

But Harris fans all know the De Laurentis’ belief that people can’t handle the truth, so it’s not surprising that the so-called unbelievable ending was changed. So why did she still decline? Surely they must have informed her of that decision before inking the deal with Moore.

Or worse ~ was it the script’s ending that she declined? (Now that I could respect ~ yet still would have done it to fulfill the character. But that’s me. And I doubt that explanation for a number of reasons.)

I dunno. I only know that I find her refusal to be fundamentally disappointing, and though I continue to admire, respect, and enjoy her work, I have to admit I’m not in love with it anymore. But we’re still friends.

And I’m still crazy about her as a person and filmmaker. Why? For one, her Golden Globe Cecil B. Demille Lifetime Achievement Award speech. The epitome of the class act. Glorious!!

Jodie Foster’s Qualifying Roles

Sarah Tobias
The Accused

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Clarice Starling
The Silence of the Lambs

Annabelle Bransford