July 25th: An opening weekend for mind, heart, and spirit

By | Begun 07/25/2014
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What a terrific array of options we have opening in theaters this weekend!

From cerebral to soulful, from wars of cold machination to heated battle amid traitors and loyal brothers and sisters in arms (“siblings in arms”?), from explorations of the cosmos and creator and nature of existence to the secret yearnings of the human heart and its search for meaning, there’s something this weekend for everyone. Brains, brawn, heart, and spirit.

We’ll start with two mindbenders that give us a dazzling inquiry into what we might really be, move into national conflicts and power politics, and wrap it up with gentle cockle-warmers about love and family. (The sixth one actually opened last weekend, but it fits so well, I wanted to be sure to bring it to your attention here.)

Whatever your taste, you’ll find something – and someone – to love this weekend. Mix and match for several excellent double features – feel free to request a suggestion via the comments below!

And if you must pick only one (horrors!), make sure it’s I Origins.

See them at a glance over at Examiner  (d’oh! need to update this post) »

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