The Lost City of Z

By | Begun 04/21/2017
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Charlie Hunnam stars in The Lost City of Z
Just tryin' to fit in with the localsBleeker Street Media
4 Stars (Great)Why I Saw It: Press screening, always game for a true story, and waiting with bated breath for Charlie Hunnam to land his magical role and be able to show us everything he’s got.
What I Thought: Aside from a cinematography styling that didn’t land as effectively as it might have, and the fact that some editing would have served it, this one sticks with me here a good seventeen days since the screening with no sense of letting up. I’m still waiting for Hunnam’s magical role, but he and Miller earn their stripes for more high-profile recognition and respect, and I’m excited about where this could (should!) take them. (Extra fun: Percy Fawcett is generally regarded as being the inspiration for Indiana Jones, and I so wish Nina Fawcett had been able to take to take to the desert with Gertude Bell – and oh look, there’s Robert Pattinson again!). 

The Lost City of Z. Dir. James Gray (also wrote adaptation). Perf. Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller, Robert Pattinson, Matthew Sunderland, Tom Holland, Ian McDiarmid, Angus Macfadyen. Bleeker Street Media, 2017.

True story of British officer Percy Fawcett, who was sent on a survey mission to the Amazon jungle and discovered his life’s passion obsession in the search for a golden city of legend.  

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