By | Begun 12/28/2016
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How do I love thee?Photo: Amazon Studios/Bleeker Street Media
5 Stars (Magnificent)Why I Saw It: Year-end Houston Film Critics Socitey awards screening, always curious for Driver, and Jarmusch enjoys a Lifetime Pass for Only Lovers Left Alive.
What I Thought: I couldn’t possibly love this film a single bit more. Driver hits the Contenders list, and it absolutely killed me not to be able to put him on my nominations for Best Actor (he was #6, and it’s a testament to how strong the other five performances were). Bonus: I can’t get enough of when the animal gets top billing (where it belongs!)

Paterson. Dir. Jim Jarmusch. Perf. star Adam Driver, Golshifteh Farahani, Nellie. Amazon Studios/Bleeker Street Media, 2016.

Quiet and enchanting slice of life about an equally quiet and enchanting bus-driving poet.