People: The Underpinning of My Personal Repertoire

People: The Underpinning of My Personal Repertoire

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Along the way, my romance with the stories became a lifelong love affair with the storytellers. These people can command my time – I enjoy the stories they choose to tell, and I adore the way they tell them.

Unless some huge factor turns me off, the work makes my list. If it has some encouraging factor, I’ll get to it sooner or later. If it involves any other(s) on this list, I am there. (I’ll even see something I mightn’t otherwise… like The Wolfman… !!)

John CusackMy Guys & Gals »
People who can call me to a theater, and the inspiration for this entire section – we have John Cusack to thank, who kicked the whole thing off entirely by accident.

Edward NortonSmitten »
My current obsessions (and current can mean decades) – what my friend K. calls “my pantheon.” An elevated status due to some backstory angle (either in theirs or mine), or some other quality whereby they’ve woven themselves into my personal narrative.

Meryl Streep, 3RollerThe 3Rollers™ »
A very special class of actor, and one of my most favorite things in life. Prepare to be blown away. That is all.

Other People I’m Watching with Purpose

There are hundreds of actors and filmmakers with whose work I’m well-familiar with positive regard, but to list them all here would leave me doing nothing else (and make this a boring place to slog through).

Suffice to say, if you don’t see someone, it doesn’t mean I’m disinterested per se, only that a mortal’s time is finite and I focus first on existing My Guys/Gals, 3Rollers™, and those whom I sense have the potential to become either or both. (I’m also very open to suggestion, so if there’s someone you think I should be paying attention to, please do let me know…)

Viola Davis, 1Role Wonder1Role Wonders™ »
I keep apprised of them because A) their work is wonderful, and B) there might be a 3Roller™ gem hidden in there…

Amanda Seyfried ~ has my attention...On My Radar »
Not officially on the My Guys & Gals list (yet), but they definitely have my attention.

Nicolas Cage ~ has a Lifetime PassLifetime Passes »
They’ve done something so great that no matter what they do after, I forgive ’em.

The Coen Brothers >sob< Past Loves »
It was a great run, but as they say, all good things…

Related Conversations

I don’t know if it’s me, or if I’m just observant, but it happens with what feels like remarkable frequency that people show up in my space in little “festivals.” Other times, fun things about people occur to me on occasion that don’t necessarily belong in a person’s entry per se, but warrant discussion in that I sense they could lead to something later.

SidebarsSidebars »
Accidental festivals and supplementary conversations about the people in and around my Repertoire, and any other personal musings related to it.

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