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High 3 Stars (Time Very Well Spent)Why I Saw It: Press screening, hoping to see Shyamalan continuing the trend of getting his mojo back, and dying to see if McAvoy can pull off any Qualifying Roles (and how many!).
What I Thought: Impressed with how much sensitivity Shyamalan brought to the condition (without compromising suspense), and at least three Qualifying Roles for McAvoy (likely more on second look) – which makes him an instant Established 3Roller!

Split. Dir. M. Night Shyamalan (also wrote). Perf. James McAvoy, Betty Buckley, Anya Taylor-Joy, Haley Lu Richardson, Jessica Sula, Izzie Coffey, Brad William Henke. Universal Pictures, 2017.

A man suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder takes three teenage girls hostage as his psychiatrist strives to uncover what’s happened and avert disaster.

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