The Founder

The Founder
Filet o' Fish, anyone?The Weinstein Company

High 3 Stars (Time Very Well Spent)Why I Saw It: Press screening, I generally see anything the Weinsteins see fit to put in front of me, and curious to learn more about the story, since I remember being surprised years ago upon learning that McDonald’s did not, in fact, originate with Ray Croc.
What I Thought: Keaton is well-cast, and it’s well-executed, though perhaps more sympathetic than Kroc deserves (let’s just say that my decades-long half-joke that “McDonald’s is the devil” was more accurate than I knew – the fish stinks from the head…). Marvelous food for thought (sorry!).

The Founder. Dir. John Lee Hancock. Perf. Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch, Laura Dern, Linda Cardellini, B.J. Novak, Patrick Wilson. The Weinstein Company, 2017.

Biopic of McDonald’s mastermind Ray Croc and his steering of a small burger stand into the global juggernaut. 

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