The WGTC Top 100 Horror Movies

By | Begun 05/06/2013
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WGTC's Top 100 Horror Movies
We Got This Covered
The staff here at We Got This Covered are no strangers to the genre, as we house a few obsessive horror nuts of our own, so we thought it might be fun to pick everyone’s brain and collectively make a countdown of our favorite 100 horror movies of all time.

We started by compiling as many favorites as possible into a massive collection, then narrowed that list down to 100, and then had everyone pick a Top 10 list which we used to create the the overall Top 10 for the countdown. The more times a movie appeared, the closer it got to a number one spot.

With that said, don’t take this as a be-all, end-all list, but instead a unique ranking of horror films generated by this wonderful staff of ours. Will you agree? Will you disagree?

Check out the full compendium over at We Got This Covered »

(Btw I’m Frailty (80), The Silence of the Lambs (19), The Exorcist (7), and Alien (2).)

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