The WGTC Top 100 Sci-Fi Movies

By | Begun 09/23/2014
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We Got This Covered
If there’s one cinematic genre that transcends the humdrum of everyday life, it’s science fiction.

So, to celebrate the unbridled creativity that this genre elicits so well, the ever-so-passionate staff at We Got This Covered rallied together to single out the greatest, most memorable science fictions films in history — be they silent masterpieces from a bygone era or recent blockbuster Hollywood releases that favoured brain over brawn. Those releases that linger in your mind long, long after the credits roll.

With that said, join us as we cherry pick the top 100 science fiction films of all time!

Check out the full compendium over at We Got This Covered »

(Btw I’m Signs (74) and The Fly (54).)

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