The Zookeeper’s Wife

By | Begun 03/31/2017
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Jessica Chastain cuddles cubs in The Zookeeper's Wife
Life is life, love is loveFocus Features
5 Stars (Magnificent)Why I Saw It: Press screening, always game for a true story, generally in love with Focus Features, and definitely in love with Jessica Chastain. Hoping this one might be the one for her come springtime!
What I Thought: Niki Caro’s iron fist in a velvet glove leads her accomplished cast to victory, and if no one swoops in like Hilary Swank on Annette Bening, Chastain should be in the springtime conversation at the least. Johan Heldenbergh’s understated power complements Chastain beautifully, and Daniel Brühl has really been doing a yeoman’s job; here again his filmography furthers the effort to bring light to the experience of those who suffered under Nazi cruelty via the thankless task of being the one to represent it (whether directly, as here, or by association, as in Woman in Gold). The Zookeeper’s Wife may be dismissed by some as being too soft with its subject matter, but for those who share the Zabinskis’ deep reverence for life, the story’s multiple levels shine resplendently and deliver a powerhouse punch (and one that we ourselves should feel today).

The Zookeeper’s Wife. Dir. Niki Caro. Perf. Jessica Chastain, Johan Heldenbergh, Daniel Brühl, Goran Kostic, Shira Haas, Val Maloku. Focus Features, 2017.

True story of the proprietors of the Warsaw Zoo who used their facility to as a cover to save hundreds of Jews when the Nazis took over Poland during WWII.

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